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Our Service Guarantee

Linen Protection

We understand and appreciate the investment you need to make to supply your business with the high quality of lines your clients demand. Therefore, we use only benign chemicals and soaps to ensure the longevity of your company owned goods. In addition, we do not mix your laundry with laundry from our other clients. This means that the longest lifespan of your items is guaranteed.


When purchasing your own linen, you are putting yourself in the driver seat by selecting the quality, colour, size, and quantity of linen you need. Our commercial laundry service plan caters to your cleaning and packaging instructions as well as your pick-up and delivery schedule, to accommodate your requirements as our client.

No Chance of Contamination

Your product is our top priority. Right through our manufacturing process, each of our clients laundry is separated, examined for stains and tears, washed, dried, pressed, folded and packaged independently.