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Food & Beverage Laundry Service

From the day we opened our doors, our business has been everything to do with laundry. Starting off as a self-service laundromat, we have since expanded into a full-service laundry facility.

Our strengths are in the quality of product we offer and the customer service we provide. With a commitment to offer better service, we have become experts in the handling, cleaning and packaging of linen used in food and beverage settings. From restaurants, to clubs, to event venues and everything in-between, we have all the equipment required to provide a clean and crisp finish. We specialize in the cleaning of customer owned goods and our goal is to make your life easier.

A personal touch

Our plant is not fully automated, which allows staff to be vigilant. From the moment we pickup to the time we deliver, your linen is tracked and kept separate from all other clients linen and washed with great attention to detail. It is this attention to detail and commitment we offer our clients, that equates in a service provided second to none. We have the ability to offer daily service and emergency service work, with quick turnarounds when needed.

There when you need us

From the initial point of contact, throughout the entire service plan, we are always a phone call away and we believe in devising a service plan that best suits your needs. Since we are located in downtown Toronto, we are able to service the Toronto core and surrounding areas quickly, with daily service. What we guarantee, is that when you decide to work with us, you will receive a team that will be committed to you, honest with you and communicate with you, at all levels, to ensure you are constantly receiving the best possible service anyone can offer in the GTA and beyond!